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eShelf - offline virtual library stores content digitally and is accessible by computers. eShelf retrieves comprehensive yet accurate information that is 100% secure and virus-free, across the intranet.
Digital Library System
offline Virtual Library
eShelf - digital library is an information retrieval system in which collections are stored in digital formats and easily accessed by networked computers.
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Digital Library Software
Library - Advantages
eShelf is developed exclusively in-house by the software team at Oréll. The standalone virtual library is customizable to institutional needs and is 100% privilage-controlled by admin.
Why Digital Library
Library - Module
This easy-to-use versatile module helps users browse the library quickly and effectively. Administrator assigned privileges permit users to not only browse/delete own content but also rate article/e-books and post comments/viewpoints.
Lear More - User Module
eShelf - Administrative Module
This full-options module ensures ease of navigability for users helping them receive appropriate e-content efficiently. Administrator can not only edit/delete content but can also assign/control user privileges to ensure that contents are current and periodically updated.
Learn More - Administration Module
Digital Library OS �?Windows Server 2003 or above
Library Configure IIS (Internet Information Services)
Microsoft (.NET) Framework 2.0 or above
Digital Library Software Microsoft SQL Server 2005
Library - System Requirements AJAX Setup
Digital Library Software Report Viewer
Virtual Library Acrobat Reader
Library Management Software Adobe Flash Player
Library Software Internet Explorer 7.0

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